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On BotHub, you will find all the features of ChatGPT and all its versions. However, if for some reason you need direct access to ChatGPT from Russia, it is indeed possible to achieve this. To access ChatGPT, you will need to:

  1. Use a VPN to hide your real location and bypass the service block in Russia.

  2. Obtain a temporary virtual phone number from another country. This will be necessary for registering with ChatGPT and receiving the SMS with the confirmation code.

  3. Register on the OpenAI website, providing the details of the obtained foreign number.

  4. Enter the confirmation code from the SMS and activate the account.

By following these simple steps with an active VPN and using a temporary phone number, you will be able to register with ChatGPT from Russia without any problems.

Top Assistants

Here are a few working free VPN services that will help you access ChatGPT from Russia:

  • Browsec VPN - a free browser extension in Russian, available in the Google extension store.

  • VPNLY - a free proxy extension for bypassing blockages, also available in the Chrome store.

  • VPN Satoshi - a fast and optimized VPN that automatically selects the best server. It can also be found in the Google extension store.

To register with ChatGPT, a virtual phone number is required. Here are a few services where you can obtain a temporary number:

  • - register on the site, purchase an online SIM card for 30 rubles. Important! Choose the country by searching for Openai.

  • SMS-Activate - obtain a one-time number for SMS verification.

  • - a temporary number for registration on a specific service.

We hope we have been able to help you! Good luck with using it!

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