Lesson №3 "ChatGPT as Your Personal Editor: Enhancing Writing Skills and Getting Feedback"

Improving your writing skill with ChatGPT: Learn how to evaluate and enhance your writing style using ChatGPT tools and explore how ChatGPT can provide feedback and help refine your writing.

Welcome to the third lesson of our course, where we explore new horizons in using ChatGPT. In this lesson, we will dive into the topic of applying ChatGPT as a tool for improving writing skills and receiving feedback. If in previous lessons we discussed how to use ChatGPT for text generation, now our focus shifts towards using the chatbot as your personal editor and style assistant.

ChatGPT as a tool for writing style assessment and grammar checking

ChatGPT has a powerful ability to process and generate text, which makes it an excellent tool for assessing writing style. It can help you understand how clearly you express your thoughts, how well you use grammar and punctuation, and even give you tips for improving these aspects.

Grammar and punctuation: Trained on a vast array of textual data, ChatGPT has a deep understanding of grammar and punctuation. You can use it to check your text for grammatical errors or incorrect use of punctuation marks.

For instance, if you're unsure about the proper use of commas in a complex sentence, simply enter it into ChatGPT and review the suggested corrections.

Verb tense and person agreement: Verb tenses and persons play an important role in written text. ChatGPT can help you evaluate how well you match them. For example, if you started writing in the present tense and then switched to the past, ChatGPT can help you notice this and suggest corrections. It can also assist you in matching verb persons if you accidentally switched from the first person to the third.

For instance, "I know he is going to do it. He forgot his wallet, so I think he went back home for it. - match the tenses."

ChatGPT might suggest:

Using Active and Passive Voice: ChatGPT can help you determine when it's better to use the active voice and when to use the passive voice. This can be particularly useful if you are writing for an audience that prefers one voice over the other. For example, many writing experts recommend using the active voice in most instances to create clearer and more dynamic text.

The passive voice, or otherwise known as the passive construction, is when the action is being performed on the subject, rather than by it.

For instance, in active voice it would be "I wrote the letter."

In passive voice, it would be "The letter was written by me."

Prompt: "Imagine you are writing an article about a new project. Instead of 'The new project was launched by our team,' try to rephrase it using the active voice."

ChatGPT might suggest:

Vocabulary variety: ChatGPT can assist you in expanding your vocabulary and using more varied and precise words in your text. If you notice that you often use the same word or phrase, you can ask ChatGPT to suggest synonyms or other ways to express the same idea.

Prompt: "I feel incredibly happy. Help me express this feeling with more creative and varied words."

ChatGPT might suggest:

Pacing and Rhythm Control in Text: Proper management of the pace and rhythm of your text can make it more readable and engaging. ChatGPT can assist you in enhancing these aspects of your writing by suggesting changes in sentence length, employing various rhythmic structures, etc.

For example:

"Help me make this passage more dynamic and rhythmic: 'He woke up. He went to the bathroom. Then he made coffee. After that, he started working.'"

ChatGPT might suggest:

Tone and Style: ChatGPT can assess and suggest improvements to the tone and style of your writing. For instance, if you are writing for a specific audience, you might ask ChatGPT to tailor your text to that audience or to evaluate how well your text matches the original request.

If you are writing an article for a scientific journal, you might ask ChatGPT to "make the text more formal." If your audience is young people, you might request to "make the text more conversational and friendly."

For example, "I'm writing a blog for young people about mental health. Here's an excerpt: 'Depression is a serious illness that requires attention and treatment.' Make it more conversational and friendly so that it resonates better with my audience."

ChatGPT might suggest:

Remember that ChatGPT is just a tool, and its feedback should be used as a complement to your own critical analysis. Using AI does not replace human judgment but can be a valuable resource for enhancing your writing style.

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