Practical Exercise

Practical Assignment: Research Article in the Format of a Detective Investigation Using ChatGPT


Your task is to write a brief research article in the format of a detective investigation on a topic of your choice. You will assume the role of a detective trying to uncover the "mystery" of your subject. Use ChatGPT as your "assistant detective" to help you at every stage of the investigation.


  1. Choose a "mystery" you wish to unravel. It can be any academic topic that sparks your interest. For instance, "The Mystery of Black Holes" or "The Enigma of Ancient Egypt". Use ChatGPT to help you formulate a clear and compelling thesis statement based on your chosen topic.

  2. Create an "investigation plan". Use ChatGPT to identify the main "suspects", "evidence", and "witnesses" in your investigation.

  3. Conduct the "investigation". Use ChatGPT to search for "evidence" (relevant information and data), "interview witnesses" (quotes from reliable sources), and "analyze clues" (formulate and argue your key points of view).

  4. Write your "investigation report". Use ChatGPT for editing and rephrasing your text to make it understandable, coherent, and engaging.

  5. Prepare a "list of witnesses" and "evidence". Use ChatGPT to format citations and bibliography in accordance with the academic style you choose (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

In this assignment, you can unleash your creativity and apply your ChatGPT usage skills in an exciting context of a detective investigation.


Writing academic texts is a complex process, but with the help of ChatGPT, it can become much simpler and more efficient. Remember that it's still important to conduct your own research and critically assess the information obtained. ChatGPT is a superb assistant, but the final word is always yours. It should also be noted that the steps for writing different academic texts will be similar to each other, but each will have its specific features.

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