Lesson №4 "Essay with ChatGPT: Turning Thoughts into Magnificent Texts"

  1. Essay Writing Fundamentals: Master the art of essay writing with a focus on structure, style, and argument development.

An essay is a particular type of written work that requires the author to have not only knowledge about the subject but also the ability to present their point of view in an original and interesting way. In this lesson, we will show how ChatGPT can assist you at every stage of essay writing, from the initial concept to the final editing.

Inspiration and Idea Generation

Before starting to write an essay, it's important to first identify your topic and key idea. ChatGPT can serve as an excellent source of inspiration here. You can use it to explore various topics by asking for general overviews or specific details. Additionally, you can ask it to suggest interesting ideas or approaches to your chosen topic.


Request: "Suggest creative ideas for an essay on the topic 'The impact of social media on personal development'."


Planning and Structuring

After identifying the topic and key ideas, the next step is planning the structure of your essay. Typically, an essay consists of an introduction, several main paragraphs where you develop your arguments for and against, and a conclusion. ChatGPT can help you create a preliminary outline by suggesting a structure or assisting in formulating the main thesis statement.

If your educational institution has a specific fixed structure for essays, describe it to ChatGPT so it can offer you the most effective plan.


Request: "How should I structure an essay on the topic 'The impact of technology on education'? In addition to the classic introduction and conclusion, in the main body I should have an argument 'for,' an argument 'against,' and an argument that refutes the 'against' argument."


Developing Arguments

The main part of your essay is the development of your arguments. It is important to present compelling arguments here and support them with evidence or examples. ChatGPT can suggest various arguments or clarifying questions that will help you develop your thoughts.


Request: "What arguments can support the impact of technology on education?"


Wordplay and Linguistic Creativity

Writing an essay is not just about organizing arguments and presenting facts, but also an opportunity to showcase your creativity through language. Consider metaphors, allegories, rhythm, and style that can give your essay uniqueness and depth. ChatGPT can assist you by suggesting creative and original turns of phrase that will match the context of your essay.


Request: "I need an intriguing metaphor to describe the impact of technology on education."


The next step is that you can ask ChatGPT to check your essay for various types of errors, which we discussed in previous lessons. It can also suggest improvements in language and style for your essay, as well as detect potential inconsistencies or issues in your argument.

During this lesson, you can also integrate useful things from previous sections that you think might be helpful when writing your essay.

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