Practical Exercise


Use ChatGPT to generate an idea for a new literary work and the beginning of a plot line, as well as to create a character profile for the main character.


  1. Select a theme or context for your work. It can be anything: science fiction, adventure, mystery, romance — whatever you prefer.

  2. Using your chosen theme, ask ChatGPT a question to generate an idea for the story. For example: "Write a story about a space traveler who discovered a new civilization."

  3. After you have received the basis for the story, enter the name of your main character and ask ChatGPT to describe their character and appearance.

  4. Save the generated texts and share them with other students.


  1. Theme: Fantasy

  2. Idea generation request: "Write a story about a young mage who must find a lost spell to save his world."

  3. Character creation request: "Describe the character and appearance of a young mage named Adrian."

This exercise will help you see how ChatGPT can be used to stimulate creativity and aid in the development of ideas. You will also see how it can help in the development of characters and plot.


Using ChatGPT can greatly simplify and enrich the writing process. We hope these tips and prompts will help you start using this innovative tool in your creative endeavors. Most importantly, remember that ChatGPT is just a tool, an assistant, and real creativity comes from you.

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