Practical Exercise


An author's biography is a powerful tool for attracting reader attention and creating a unique personal brand. Imagine you're a writer or article author. Your task is to create a short but compelling biography that highlights your unique strengths, reflects your creative journey, and inspires potential readers with your works.


  1. Define the purpose of your biography. Do you want to attract new readers? Do you want to reinforce your reputation as an expert in a certain field?

  2. Use ChatGPT to help write your biography. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and tones. For example, you might ask the model, "Write a biography for a science fiction writer who specializes in engaging stories in the space genre."

  3. Focus on what makes you a unique author. Perhaps you have special knowledge or experience you want to highlight? Or is your approach to storytelling particularly innovative?

  4. Make sure your biography is easy to read and interesting. It should be concise and cohesive, yet still inspiring.

  5. You can try writing several versions of the biography and choose the best one.


Example of a request to ChatGPT: "I need an idea to start a biography for a science fiction writer who began writing in their teenage years and has always been fascinated by space stories."

Example of a ChatGPT response: "As a child, when other kids dreamed about baseball and superheroes, I dreamed of stars and distant galaxies. My first novel was penned at thirteen, a tale of interstellar travel and a brave space explorer. Since then, my fascination with space has only grown, as has my passion for writing..."

This response can be used as a starting point, reworked and expanded to create a unique and compelling author biography.


Remember, your biography is not just a brief description of your experience and achievements. It's also a tool for connecting with your audience, shaping your authorial image, and demonstrating your unique talents and skills. Use ChatGPT as a tool to assist in this process.

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