Practical Exercise

Task: Create a concept and cover for your future book with ChatGPT

In this assignment, we will turn you into an author and illustrator of your own book! You won't have to write the entire book. Your task will be to use ChatGPT to create an original book concept and then develop an idea for the book's cover.


  1. Start by asking ChatGPT to generate a book idea. You can make your request more specific by defining a genre or plot elements, or leave it more open-ended for maximum creativity. For example, "Come up with an interesting plot for a fantasy novel" or "What would be a plot for a detective novel in Victorian England?".

  2. After you have received your book idea, ask ChatGPT about what the cover of this book would look like. This may include colors, design elements, character images, and any other important details. Add as many details as possible!

  3. Based on ChatGPT's response, build your vision of what the cover of your book would look like.


  1. Request: "Come up with an interesting plot for a children's book about the adventures of a magical cat".

  2. ChatGPT's Response: "In a world where animals have magical abilities, a little cat named Milo discovers that he has a rare and powerful magic that can save his world from an evil wizard. Together with his friends, Milo embarks on an exciting journey to confront evil and become the hero he has always wanted to be."

  3. Request: "What would the cover for this book look like?"

  4. ChatGPT's Response: "The book cover would be bright and colorful, featuring Milo in the foreground, his eyes shining with a bright blue light, reflecting his magical power. Around him are his animal friends, each with their unique magical abilities. In the background, the dark castle of the evil wizard is visible, creating a contrast with the bright and cheerful heroes. The book's title looks splendid at the top of the cover, with the author's name at the bottom."

Your ideas can be as varied as your imagination allows! Enjoy creating!

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