Conclusion to Part 1: An Introduction to Midjourney

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the first part of our digital art course block! You have learned the basics of working with the Midjourney platform, figured out the main commands and tips, learned how to create effective queries, and even spent some time exploring the works of other community members for inspiration. In the last lesson, you delved deep into the Midjourney settings, learned how to adjust the level of detail, and choose the style of your images.

In this block, we aimed to provide you with all the necessary tools for comfortable and creative use of Midjourney. With this knowledge, you are now capable of creating unique and appealing images, utilizing the full power and flexibility of this AI tool.

However, the learning process does not end here. In the second part of the block, we will delve into advanced techniques and strategies for working with Midjourney, which will allow you to further unleash your creativity and diversify your works.

We hope that this first part of the course was useful and interesting for you. Ahead of us lie new lessons, new knowledge, and of course, new amazing works created using Midjourney. See you in the second part of the course!

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