Part 1: Introduction to Midjourney

Welcome to the first part of our third module, dedicated to the use of AI in creativity. This part of the course is focused on introducing one of the most exciting and creative AI tools available today - the Midjourney platform.

Midjourney is a revolutionary tool that allows for the generation of unique visual works using AI. When properly set up and utilized, this tool can become a source of endless inspiration and a powerful aide in your creative experiments.

In this part of the course, we will take a detailed look at how to work with Midjourney. We'll start with an overview of the platform and the basic steps for setting up an account. Then we will move on to a more detailed examination of the main commands and tips that will help you create effective queries.

We'll also show you how Midjourney can be a source of inspiration by presenting some of the best works created with this tool, and telling you about other AI resources that can assist you in your creative endeavors.

Finally, we will take an in-depth look at the settings and styling possibilities in Midjourney, helping you to fully control the quality, detail, and style of your creations.

Get ready to discover a new world of opportunities that open up through the combination of AI and digital art. Welcome to Midjourney!

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