Lesson №2 "Introduction to Midjourney: Overview and Account Setup"

  1. "Introduction to Midjourney: Overview and Account Setup": A general overview of the Midjourney platform and its use, including creating an account, setting up Discord, and key links to work with the platform.

Today, we're moving from theory to practice and diving into the world of Midjourney — a unique platform that enables the creation of stunning digital artworks with the help of artificial intelligence.

Midjourney is a meeting point for technology and creativity. It's a platform that provides access to advanced image generation algorithms and gives you the tools to control this process.

Step 1: Creating an Account on Midjourney

The first step in using Midjourney is, of course, to create an account. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Go to the Midjourney website and follow the instructions to register. Currently, registration is done through Discord, so you can either create a new account there or use an existing one.

Step 2: Setting Up Discord

Midjourney currently operates exclusively through Discord, a popular service for communication and collaboration. Using Discord allows for easy interaction with the model, sharing your works, and drawing inspiration from the creations of other users.

Right after registering with Midjourney, you will receive an invitation link to join the Midjourney server on Discord. Following this link, you will enter a public chat where Midjourney users share their creations. Your work will also be displayed here.

To see your works separately, you can go to the "Mentions" section by clicking on the "Mail" button in the upper right corner of the interface. Here, all the works generated by you in Midjourney will be displayed.

If you prefer a more private setting, you can also add Midjourney to your own Discord server. To do this, you need to click on the Midjourney bot in the user list on the right and select "Add to Server".

Please note that regardless of which server you use Midjourney on, the AI's output will be the same. Therefore, if you feel more comfortable working in a public chat, feel free to stay there!

Step 3: Setting up Midjourney in Discord

Before you start creating your own works with Midjourney, you need to configure the settings for working with the neural network. Start by going to one of the Newcomer Rooms channels and select a chat labeled newbies. This is where all the creativity happens.

To configure the settings, enter the command /settings in the chosen chat and press Enter.

A set of options will appear that you need to set up:

  • Engine Version: Choose the latest version, MJ 5. Newer versions usually contain improvements and more accurate request processing.

  • Stylization Level: To achieve a balance between AI creativity and your vision of the final result, select Style med.

  • Access Mode: Public mode allows everyone to see your works.

  • Processing Mode: Fast mode provides rapid image creation.

  • Remix Mode: This mode allows you to work with existing images and combine them, opening up more creative possibilities.

After setting up the options, enter the command /imagine, press Enter, and type any word into the prompt field to initiate the creation of your first work.

In response to this, you will receive a message with the terms of service - click the green Accept ToS button to proceed. Now you are ready to experiment!

When you enter a request to generate an image, use the English language. After submitting your request, the generation takes place in real-time and takes a few minutes. You will receive four versions of your image directly in the chat.

The options received are not the final result. You can select one of them and use the U and V functions for further work. Pressing U allows you to enlarge the selected image, while pressing V creates additional variants of that image.

After choosing an image to enlarge, you will be able to examine it in detail and even create additional variants of that image.

All your works will accumulate on the Midjourney gallery website, which you can access by clicking the Web button under the image.

Don't be afraid to experiment with various prompts and generation parameters. Midjourney is quite a flexible tool, and its all-encompassing neural network can handle a multitude of different characteristics of subjects and objects, helping you turn your ideas into visual art.

After getting acquainted with the basic functions of Midjourney, you can start creating your first works. You can begin with simple prompts and gradually delve into more complex and detailed cues. Don't be afraid to experiment and explore the different possibilities of the platform. Midjourney is a place for creativity, and everyone can find their unique path in this incredible world of digital art.

Practical Assignment


Your task is to use Midjourney to create unique images based on the given phrases. However, there's one condition: you must add at least one adjective, action, or place to each prompt to make it more specific or interesting.


  1. Log in to Discord and navigate to the Midjourney server through the special invitation link.

  2. Go to the Newcomer Rooms channel and select a chat marked newbies.

  3. Enter the command /settings and configure the Midjourney settings according to the instructions from the lesson.

  4. Enter the command /imagine and in the prompt field, write one of the proposed combinations below, adding your adjectives, actions, or places. It is recommended to translate it into English, as Midjourney will better understand it.

  5. Send the prompt and wait for the image to be generated.

  6. Review the generated image options, select one of them, and use the U and V functions for further work on it.

Phrases for prompts:

  • "Combat cabbage"

  • "Corgi skater"

  • "Dancing refrigerator"

  • "Space banana peel"

  • "Kiwi bodybuilder"

  • "Underwater rainbow"

  • "Flying spaghetti"

  • "Sleeping volcano"

  • "Jumping pencil"

  • "Soaring hippopotamus"

  • "Carrot with a higher education"

  • "Shimmering dinosaur"

  • "Musical star"

  • "Laughing lighthouse"

  • "Singing shoes"

  • "Walking pizza"

  • "Magical guitar"

  • "Bored bread"

  • "Soaring nut"


  1. Take the phrase "Combat cabbage".

  2. Let's add an adjective and an action: "Cheerful combat cabbage in a quiet park". Translate it into English: "A cheerful combative cabbage in a quiet park".

  3. Enter this phrase into the prompt field and send the request.

  1. Let's consider the options we've received and choose the one we like the most. Additionally, we can use U and V functions to improve the image or create additional variants.


In conclusion, I would like to note that Midjourney is not just a tool. It is a community of creative people united by a common interest in AI and digital art. We hope that this tutorial will help you take your first steps towards discovering new horizons in your creativity.


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