Lesson 1: "Copywriting on Steroids: How ChatGPT Can Speed Up and Simplify Your Writing Work"

In the world of copywriting, where speed and quality are key components of success, ChatGPT represents a powerful tool capable of radically transforming your writing processes. Let's explore how.

ChatGPT and its capabilities

ChatGPT, developed based on the GPT machine learning model, is capable of creating content no less effectively than an experienced copywriter, thanks to its incredible natural language processing and text generation abilities. Artificial intelligence has become a real alternative for creating high-quality content, which is especially relevant in the field of copywriting.

Based on the context and nuances of your request, ChatGPT generates unique, creative, and compelling texts. Whether you are creating advertising slogans, blog articles, SEO texts, or press releases, this tool can help you articulate thoughts and ideas more organized and expressively.

A key feature of ChatGPT is its ability to generate text based on instructions, allowing you to guide the AI in the desired direction.

For example, you can request: "Write a text about the efficiency of electric vehicles for the environment" or "Create an intriguing headline for an article about veganism." The intelligent system will process your request and generate the corresponding content.

Moreover, the use of ChatGPT in copywriting significantly reduces the time needed to prepare text, especially when working with large volumes. This allows copywriters to focus on more important aspects of work, such as content strategy and market analysis.

The benefits of using ChatGPT in copywriting become even more apparent with practice. The number of potential applications for this tool is growing every day, and your skills in using it improve with each use.

Creating Extensive Content

When using ChatGPT for copywriting, one of the most important and useful aspects is its ability to create and expand text. This doesn't just mean increasing the word count but also adding semantic depth, details, and facts, which makes the text more informative and valuable to the reader.

With ChatGPT, you can create all types of long-form content, including blog articles, long-form articles for SEO, books, manuals, educational materials, and much more. You can direct the AI to a specific topic by providing clear instructions, such as: "Write an article about the latest trends in interior design." ChatGPT will gather information suitable for your request and generate unique content.

It's important to note that you can also ask ChatGPT to expand specific parts of your text or add additional details. For example, if you have a main thesis or idea, you can request ChatGPT to "Add more details about this" or "Elaborate on this point by adding extra facts." This can be particularly useful when you know you want to convey a certain thought but find it challenging to articulate it on your own.

Another advantage of using ChatGPT to create comprehensive content is its ability to adapt to a variety of styles and tones. You can specify the desired style or tone of writing, and it will adjust to meet your requirements. For instance, you might request: "Write an informative article about cryptocurrencies in an informal style."

Using Advertising Texts

In the field of advertising, especially when writing advertising copy, the right words can play a huge role. With the help of ChatGPT, you can create engaging and compelling advertising texts that will hook your potential clients and lead to increased sales. You don't have to be a professional copywriter - ChatGPT can assist you with this, based on the database it has learned from.

Let's consider an example. Suppose you need to write an advertisement for a new electric bicycle. You can articulate your request as follows: "Write an advertisement for a new electric bicycle, highlighting its innovative features and environmental friendliness." Using its algorithms, ChatGPT will generate a unique and attractive advertisement, focusing on the key benefits of the product such as innovation and eco-friendliness, and provide a strong call to action for potential customers.

Writing Press Releases

Writing press releases is another area where ChatGPT can excel. Press releases require a specific format and style, as well as often needing to include particular information about the product, company, or event. With ChatGPT, you can generate press releases that not only meet the required standards but also stand out with originality and professionalism.

Imagine, for instance, you're working in a blockchain startup, and you need a press release to announce the launch of a new product. Instead of spending hours on crafting and editing the text, you can simply ask ChatGPT: "Create a press release for a blockchain startup, highlighting our unique technology and business model." ChatGPT will generate a text that thoroughly describes your startup, your new technology, and how it will transform the blockchain market:

And now, try it in practice!

Practical Assignment


Your task is to use ChatGPT to create two different types of texts: an advertising copy for a new product and a press release for a fictional startup.


  1. Select a product for which you want to write an advertising copy. This can be something real, like a new smartphone, or something invented, like smart glasses for pets.

  2. Formulate a request for ChatGPT to create an advertising copy for the product you have chosen. Try to be specific and indicate the features of the product that you want to emphasize.

  3. Then, come up with a name for a fictional startup and choose the field in which it operates.

  4. Formulate a request for ChatGPT to create a press release for this startup. Highlight the uniqueness of the product or service offered by your startup and its objectives.

Example of execution:

Request for advertising text: "Create an advertising copy for a new smartphone that has an improved battery and enhanced camera capabilities."

Request for a press release: "Create a press release for the 'Green Tech' startup, which is developing innovative solutions for environmentally sustainable agriculture."


ChatGPT is a powerful accelerator for any copywriter. It's a tool that helps create content faster and more efficiently, giving you more time for editing and refining your texts. Don't be afraid to experiment and test different prompts. More precise and detailed prompts usually lead to more specific and relevant responses. Continue learning and improving your skills to achieve the best results with this unique tool!

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