Lesson №4: Using ChatGPT for Selling Competitive Products

Today we will dive into improving sales and marketing strategies for your products or services using ChatGPT. We will explore some aspects where AI can become an invaluable assistant. So let's get started!

Analyzing market trends with ChatGPT.

Analyzing market trends is an important component of a successful business strategy. Artificial intelligence, especially models like ChatGPT, can help with this task. Although ChatGPT cannot provide real-time data beyond 2021, it is trained on a vast amount of information and can analyze complex patterns and trends, based on which it can offer conclusions.

  • Investigating seasonal trends

Seasonal trends can significantly affect demand and sales at certain times of the year. Understanding these trends can help companies plan and forecast their business strategies.

An example of a request to ChatGPT may look like this: "What are the seasonal trends in the fashion industry?" and the answer may be something like:

  • Prediction of changes in trends

Trends are constantly changing, and what is popular today may become outdated tomorrow. Using information available up to 2021, ChatGPT can help you predict possible changes in trends.

For example, ask ChatGPT: "What trends may emerge in the coming years in the field of healthy eating?" It may give the following answer:

  • Competitive analysis

In order to remain competitive, companies must know what their competitors are doing. ChatGPT can help gather information about competitors and identify potential opportunities.

An example query could be: "What marketing strategies are commonly used in the cosmetics industry?"

The response may be as follows:

It is worth noting that when predicting trends and analyzing competition, ChatGPT relies on data that was available prior to the year 2021 (the date of its last update), and while it may provide valuable insights, it is always important to supplement this information with current data.

Understanding customer needs with ChatGPT

It is an important factor for success in business. By doing so, you can create and offer products and services that satisfy these needs.

  • Creating buyer personas

It is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Creating a buyer persona will help you better understand who your target customer is, what their interests, needs, and problems are.

An example request might be "Help me create a buyer persona for an organic cosmetics brand."

The response could be as follows:

  • Customer feedback analysis

Customer feedback is a valuable source of information about what customers like or dislike about your products or services. You can use ChatGPT to analyze customer feedback and identify common trends and issues.

For example, you could ask: "What insights can be drawn from the following customer feedback [insert feedback]?"

  • Creating surveys and interview questions

Surveys and interviews with customers are a great way to learn about their preferences, expectations, and needs. ChatGPT can help you formulate effective questions for such surveys or interviews.

For example, you could request: "Come up with questions for a survey of customers about a new mobile food delivery app."

The response could be as follows:

  • Understanding consumer behavior

It is key to creating products that are in demand. ChatGPT can provide you with information on consumer behavior based on the data it has been trained on.

An example query might be, "What are the main factors that influence a buyer's decision when choosing natural cosmetics?"

The answer could be as follows:

  • Assistance with creating an FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is an excellent way to provide customers with quick answers to their inquiries. ChatGPT can assist you in formulating an FAQ for your product or service.

For example, you could request, "Help me create an FAQ for our new product - an electric scooter with a built-in navigation system."

Our response may include the following:

Creating attractive product sales offers with ChatGPT

Creating an attractive product sales offer is an art that requires the ability to adapt your product to the needs and interests of your customers. A suitable offer can significantly increase your sales.

  • Creating personalized offers

Modern consumers value personalization, and thanks to AI technology like ChatGPT, you can make your offer truly individual. Use ChatGPT to create offers that reflect the specific needs and interests of your customers.

Example query: "What would an offer look like for a customer interested in environmentally friendly products?"

The answer could be:

  • Generating ideas for discounts and promotions

Discounts and promotions are proven ways to attract customer attention and increase sales. ChatGPT can help you generate ideas for discounts and promotions that can be interesting and attractive to your customers.

An example request could be: "Offer ideas for Black Friday promotions."

The response could be as follows:

  • Creating Texts for Advertising and Marketing

With ChatGPT, you can create compelling texts for advertising and marketing your products. AI can help you formulate effective messages that will grab your customers' attention and convince them to make a purchase.

An example request might be: "Help me write a persuasive ad text for our new vegan product."

The response could be:

Using ChatGPT for Customer Support and Service

uality customer support is a critical aspect of any successful business. Modern AI technologies such as ChatGPT can provide significant assistance in this area. Let's look at how we can use ChatGPT to improve customer support and service.

  • Chatbot for customer support

ChatGPT can be integrated into your customer support system as a chatbot. With its ability to understand natural language, it can effectively communicate with customers, answering their questions and solving their problems.

For example, a customer might ask "What response would you give to a customer's question about returning a product?"

The response could be as follows:

  • Developing instructional materials for clients

ChatGPT can be a useful tool for creating training materials for your customers. It can help create product usage instructions, FAQs, guides, and other types of training materials.

An example request could be, "Help me write a guide for using our new mobile application."

The response could be:

  • Creating personalized customer communications

ChatGPT can be used to create personalized customer communications that will help strengthen relationships with them and improve their interaction with your brand.

Example request: "Write a thankful letter to our customer for their loyalty to our brand."

The response could be as follows:

Now let's check if everything was clear!

Practical task


Create a mini marketing strategy using ChatGPT for a newly launched product: a new TV model with AI functionality.


  1. Use ChatGPT to analyze market trends. Formulate a query that will help you understand the current situation in the TV market and predict possible future trends.

  2. Use ChatGPT to create buyer personas. Ask AI what the typical buyer personas for this product might be, given its features and market trends.

  3. Use ChatGPT to formulate sales proposals. Create multiple product sales offers for the different buyer personas you identified in the previous step.

  4. Use ChatGPT to develop customer support content. Ask AI how common customer questions about this product could be answered or what usage instructions could be created.

Execution example:

Query 1: “What trends are there in the TV market, and how might they change in the coming years?”

ChatGPT response:

Request 2: "Help me create a buyer persona for the new model of TV with artificial intelligence feature." Answer by ChatGPT:

Request 3: "What would a sales pitch for a new TV model for a family with kids look like?" Answer by ChatGPT:

Request 4: "Help me write a user manual for our new television with artificial intelligence functionality." Answer by ChatGPT:


In conclusion, ChatGPT can become a valuable tool for servicing your customers at every stage of their interaction with your business. Use it to provide your customers with high-quality support that will help you strengthen your relationships with them and build a successful business.

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